About Modaramo Media We are an
Marketing Company
There is no objective outside of our scope because we develop personalized solutions. This allows us to leverage our technologies to venture beyond your capabilities and achieve your strategic business outcome. By utilizing our omnichannel media network, first party data, and proprietary AI technology we drive incredibly powerful experiences for consumers that will enhance your business.

We follow a one size fits no one approach so you never miss a growth opportunity. Being a company that consistently provides cost effective, high performance campaigns our success is measured by exceeding your expectations. We have created a dynamic culture encompassing only top tier, highly skilled professionals. This team is the foundation to delivering the best possible outcomes for the partners we work with.
Our Approach We take the guesswork out of online advertising. The first step is assessing each partner's goals in order to capitalize on the best strategies that deliver measurable results. Each of these components provide the structure for our company to reach the highest level of performance and sustainability.
Relationship Building
Valuing long-term quality partners who are at the center of our operations.
Technology Driven
Proprietary systems and media channels that achieve unmatched results.
Performance Focused
Real-time success through high intent clicks, leads, calls, sales and customer acquisition.
Orchestrate tailored interactions across our media network from opt-in emails, push notifications to mobile and web applications.
First Party Data
Integrated data from all touch points to improve targeting and relevancy, analyze attribution and optimize decisions.
Custom Solutions
Leveraging technology to build personalized brands and products that reach the right audience at the right time.
AI Powered
Intelligent software transforming consumer behavior into actionable insight translating to better performance.
User First
Strengthening engagement by prioritizing meaningful value, quality content and experience for consumers.
Innovative Mindset
Focused on developing new solutions and leading the industry through creativity.
Our Brands Through our market knowledge and media expertise we are able to branch out into affiliate marketing, lead generation, and make technological advancements that allow us to maintain leadership.
Expands your brand’s reach by sourcing new quality customers through our premium omni-channel publisher marketplace. We manage the distribution of your advertising campaign utilizing our proprietary optimization technology to help you drive more transactions.
Bright Reach
Discover high potential acquisitions that offer long-term success. We specialize in acquiring new consumers through our proprietary systems that enable advanced targeting. Our AI powered technology constantly monitors and analyzes campaigns to provide the highest return.
Our advanced artificial intelligence systems can take your business to the next level. We programmed our AI to simulate human conversation in order to automate business processes, gain insight through data analysis and interact with consumers in real time leading to higher satisfaction rates.
Meet our Team We are a talented group of trusted experts committed to unlocking new value for each client. By utilizing a collaborative environment each member of our team brings a specialization enabling our company and partners to succeed.
İlker Turgut
CEO & Founder
Grazia Marino
Chief Financial Officer
Izzet Cakir
Chief Information Officer
Alper Yılmaz
VP of Application Development
Surya Singh
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Josh Ozturk
Director, E-Commerce
Frank Castillo
Senior Marketing Manager
Kassi Jata
Digital Marketing Specialist
Hannah Hawkins
Account Manager
Deena Agilo
Account Manager
Emir Music
Account Manager
Nicole Loiacono
Dany Hanna
Software Developer
Shannon Firooz
Software Developer
Shawn Vaz
Account Manager
Our Partners We are proud to partner with leading companies that are dedicated to our mission of discovery, quality and performance in order to solve complex problems, disrupt the industry and benefit our consumers.
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